Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR Nepal) is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with Nepal Government (DAO Kathmandu Regsitration #636) and Social Welfare Council (SWC Registration #32438) and based in Kathmandu, Nepal.


To enable Nepali citizens access accurate information without hindrance, engage in public discourse without fear, and media to become ethical and professional playing a positive role in the process of democratization.


To advocate, support and lobby for freedom of opinion and expression on every platform, ethical and professional media, and press freedom.

Guiding Principles

Democracy; Human Rights; and Media Strengthening Democracy.


  • Conduct studies and researches on various aspects of media
  • Develop, design, manage and conduct skill development trainings, workshops and seminars for journalists
  • Publication of training manuals and research reports in print and electronic formats
  • Work and co-ordinate with other similar organizations to work to uplift journalism standards and practices

Governance Structure

Overall governance by the Executive Committee, which meets every three months for policy decisions and for monitoring activities, and providing guidance to the Secretariat. Day to day affairs overseen by the Secretariat with Executive Director as the head of the office. It also employs permanent Program Manager and Account and Admin officer.

Focus Research Areas

Information & Media Literacy; Digital Journalism; Social Media and Media & Society


Media research; capacity development; advocacy; media development; press / internet freedom

Annual Reports
2011-13 Annual Report

Funders and Partners