CMR joins GFMD, EJN & Web We Want

The Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) has joined the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) and the Web We Want as a member.

CMR is an associated member of the GFMD. The GFMD is an international membership network of media assistance groups that highlights the importance of independent, pluralistic and sustainable media in social and economic development. GFMD members share a common goal: to foster free, professional and pluralistic media, leading to more open societies, greater transparency and enhanced freedom of expression.

The Ethical Journalism Network promotes ethics, good governance and independent regulation of media content. The EJN was formed in 2011 as a unifying professional campaign bringing together owners, editors and media staff to strengthen the craft of journalism. It works across all platforms and supports partnership at national and international level between media, journalism support groups and the public.

Web We Want is a global initiative of the World Wide Web Foundation. We help everyone to shape and claim the future of the Web.

CMR Marks #IMED2015

The CMR-Nepal organized a discussion program to mark the Int’l Media Ethics Day at its office.

The CMR-Nepal has been marking the day for last 4 years with the Center for Int’l Media Ethics (CIME).

Chairman Tilak Pathak led the discussion with a talk on ‘self-censorship and the limitations of freedom of expression in Nepali journalism’.

The participants shared their experiences and observations on self-censorship and limitations of freedom of expression. More here.

Nepal Twitter Users Survey 2015 launched

The Center for Media Research – Nepal launched the 2nd editor of the biannual Nepal Twitter Users Survey on December 25, 2014.

The Twitter Users Survey 2015, will build on the survey conducted in 2013, to find out the use of Twitter in Nepal. The survey consists of 20 questions.

Do feel free to spend five minutes for it if you are a Nepali using Twitter. The report of the survey is expected to be published by end of January, 2015.

Click here to access the survey! The survey is open for participation until 10 PM NST, January 5, 2015.

Media Research Fellowship Program Closed

The Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) has decided to close its fellowship program.

The program was initiated in 2013 with an aim to fulfil one of CMR-Nepal’s core objectives to conduct, support and promote researches on various aspects of media. In two years of operation, the program granted fellowships to nine researchers in two categories: the CMR-Nepal Research Fellowship to young researchers and CMR-Nepal Media Research Partnership to senior researchers.

“The CMR-Nepal will continue to support media-related researches by providing resources, but has decided to close down it’s annual fellowship program due to poor interest among young media researchers,” chair Tilak Pathak said.

The CMR-Nepal thanks all fellows, mentors and staffs who were involved in the program.

Research Fellows 2013-14 Announced

Center for Media Research – Nepal announces the second batch of research fellows under the CMR-Nepal Research Support Program 2013-14.

The CMR Research Fellows for 2013-14 are: Umesh Pokhrel, Kanchan Adhikari and Ganesh Paudel (fellows) and Bhuwan KC (researcher fellow).

“We are excited to welcome new batch of fellows who I hope would find the fellowship highly supportive to complete the research projects they’ve undertaken,” Tilak Pathak, CMR-Nepal chair said on the occasion of announcement.

During the fellowship Umesh Pokhrel will look into the relationship between journalists and security agencies to analyze the information flow and consequences.

Similarly, Kanchan Adhikari will compare the editorials of national dailies while Ganesh Paudel will conduct research on journalists’ use of Wikipedia as research resource.

Bhuwan KC, CMR-Nepal vice-president, will analyze the political inclination and affiliation of journalists of daily newspaper and their impacts on the content.

Fellowship co-ordinator Ujjwal Prajapati welcomed all the fellows.