SURVEY REPORT: Journalist & Social Media

Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) today published the survey results of ‘Journalist and Social Media: 2011 National Survey on Nepali Journalists’.

The survey assess Nepali journalists’ use of the internet-based technologies, the purposes of their usages, and their perceptions about social media and information flowing on it.

This is a pioneer study on journalists’ use of social media in Nepal. The complete 28-page report is available free of cost here.

The report has been emailed to all respondents, who had wished to receive the report. If you haven’t received one, we apologise for that and will send it to you as soon as we know. Let us know at

CMR-Nepal’s earlier study reports are available for free download at

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Basic Journalism for Photojournalists training-workshop

Inauguration by CMR-Nepal chairman Ujjwal Acharya.

Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) and Photojournalist Club (PJ Club) jointly conducted six-day training workshop on Basic Journalism for Photojournalists from November 28 to December 3, 2011.

Tilak Pathak was the lead instructor for the program in which Ujjwal Acharya, Bhuwan KC, Bikash Karki and Rishikesh Dahal also conducted sessions which focused on basic news writing, sourcing, basic of photo essay, photo editing and ethical aspects of journalism and photojournalism.

Participants of the training-workshop.

PJ Club president Chandra Shekhar Karki distributed the certificates to the participants at the end of the training-workshop participated by 12 early-career photojournalists.

Basic Journalism for Photojournalists is one of two training-workshops that CMR-Nepal is conducting as the pilot training programs.