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Media Mapping of Far West Nepal

The book is the outcome of the media mapping conducted by CMR-Nepal in 9 districts of Far West Nepal (Province No 7) under the funding of the Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD). The book is in Nepali langauge.

Press Freedom in Constitution of Nepal 2015

An overview of provisions of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 related to the press freedom, by Ujjwal Acharya and Santosh Sigdel. The paper marks one year of the promulgation of the Constitution.

Trespassed on Press

177 Journalists Subjected of Press Freedom Violation in 177 Days of Madhesh Movement, August 16, 2015 – February 12, 2016. A research report by senior research fellow Binod Dhungel.

Nepal Twitter Users Survey 2015

The Summary of Findings of the Nepal Twitter Users Survey 2015. The survey was conducted with 625 Nepali Twitter users. By Ujjwal Acharya.

Political Inclination of Journalists & Its Influence on News

A research paper by CMR-Nepal Research Fellow 2014 Bhuwan KC.

Safeguarding Public Interest in the era of Corporate Media

A policy paper by CMR-Nepal Executive Member Ujjwal Prajapati under the Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) Policy Research Fellowship 2012.

Online Media in Nepal: Need for Policy Intervention

A policy paper by CMR-Nepal founder/former chair Ujjwal Acharya under the Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) Policy Research Fellowship 2012 looking into the state of online media in Nepal.

Journalists and Social Media

The pioneer national survey on social media usages and perception of journalists in Nepal. The study analyses what services of the internet are used by journalists, for what purposes and what they think about social media. Media Coverage: Nagarik | The Himalayan Times

The Grim Face of Newspapers

The study report on the negativity on the front pages of Nepal’s national dailies. The Grim Face of Newspapers analyses headlines and lead of all news on the front pages all 11 national dailies published from the Kathmandu Valley for a period of 15 days for negativity. Article on the report published in Republica daily, click here.

Ethics of Nepal’s Online Media

A 2005 study report [first released for public by CMR-Nepal on May 2010] examines ethical practices in Nepal’s online media. The study is focused on examining non-traditional ethical issues – privacy, advertising, copyright and accuracy – that emerged with the spread of online media. By Ujjwal Acharya

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