Research Fellows 2013-14 Announced

Center for Media Research – Nepal announces the second batch of research fellows under the CMR-Nepal Research Support Program 2013-14.

The CMR Research Fellows for 2013-14 are: Umesh Pokhrel, Kanchan Adhikari and Ganesh Paudel (fellows) and Bhuwan KC (researcher fellow).

“We are excited to welcome new batch of fellows who I hope would find the fellowship highly supportive to complete the research projects they’ve undertaken,” Tilak Pathak, CMR-Nepal chair said on the occasion of announcement.

During the fellowship Umesh Pokhrel will look into the relationship between journalists and security agencies to analyze the information flow and consequences.

Similarly, Kanchan Adhikari will compare the editorials of national dailies while Ganesh Paudel will conduct research on journalists’ use of Wikipedia as research resource.

Bhuwan KC, CMR-Nepal vice-president, will analyze the political inclination and affiliation of journalists of daily newspaper and their impacts on the content.

Fellowship co-ordinator Ujjwal Prajapati welcomed all the fellows.

Asian Perspective and Network

(CMR-Nepal vice-president Bhuwan KC participated in Asia Media Forum 2013 in Incheon, Korea. Here are his thoughts on the issues that was discussed in the Forum.)


The discourse about the need to shift from Western communication model, considered not befitting Asia, has been widely debated by scholars. Asian perspectives in communication have been sought in the academic circle, media practitioners and scholarly discussion over time. Taking into consideration the incompatibility of Western communication theories in the Asian context has become a driving force, where such need was further boosted with the economic success, cultural reassurance, and political independence of Asian countries. And still the discourse of the need to collaborate between the Asian countries in the sharing of information has been widely sought even today, but little progress towards application of such task is a challenge, which has been revived by conference, held in 30 October, 2013. Continue reading

Invitation to Apply for 2nd CMR-Nepal Media Fellowships

After successful completion of the first round of Center for Media Research – Nepal’s (CMR-Nepal) Media Research Support Program, we are inviting application for the second round of the program.

The program aims to be an integral part of CMR-Nepal’s objective to conduct, support and promote researches on various aspects of media.

Media students and scholars are invited to apply for the fellowships: 1. Media Research Partnership Program (Senior Fellow) and 2. Media Research Mentorship Program (Fellow). Those two fellowships aims to support the researches of fellows by providing them with resources and support during all phases of their researches and do not carry financial benefits.

Media Research Partnership Program (awardees to be called CMR-Nepal Senior Fellow)

A program designed to support media research to be or being pursued by independent researchers who has completed master’s degree preferably in journalism or mass communication or media studies.

CMR-Nepal will design regular discussion programs where the senior fellow will benefit from the knowledge, skills and experiences of CMR-Nepal researchers and other invited scholars.

The senior fellow may also seek support in conducting researches (including sampling, data collection, processing and report writing) from members of CMR Nepal and interns. The program is designed as a knowledge-sharing platform.

Duration: ideally up to six months
Financial benefits: none

Media Research Mentorship Program (awardees to be called CMR-Nepal Fellow)

A program designed to mentor student conducting research for Master’s level thesis.

CMR-Nepal will assign a mentor to support the research in all it’s phases; will invite fellows to participate in group discussions and facilitates sharing between fellows.

CMR-Nepal Fellow will also be able to use all resources, both online and offline, of the organization.

Duration: ideally for up to six months
Financial benefits: none

CMR-Nepal may publish the works, complete or partial, completed during the program in its publications.

Apply with symposia of the research, a bio-data and a page letter of intent explaining why are you interested in the program.

Apply to (or use the form here) before Sunday, September 15, 2013. If you have any query, please let us know at the same email.

The details of the first fellows and their topics of research are here.

Please note that we may proceed with application as soon as it is received.

New Executive Committee elected

The Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal) elected Tilak Pathak as the new chairman in the 2013 General Assembly held today in Kathmandu.

In an unanimous decision by the Assembly, Pathak who was the vice-president of the Center since its establishment was proposed by outgoing chairman Ujjwal Acharya. Bhuwan KC was elected new vice-president and Rishikesh Dahal, who was the executive member and co-ordinator of the CMR-Nepal Fellowship Program, was elected the new secretary.

Bikash Karki will continue as the treasurer while Rajneesh Bhandari, Umesh Shrestha and Ujjwal Prajapati are elected executive committee members.


The Assembly earlier also passed the report by secretary Bhuwan KC and treasurer Bikash Karki in a closed session conducted by Prakash Acharya, Sudeep Uprety and Mukunda Nepal.