CMR – Nepal conducts researches on various topics related to media in Nepal. Most of its researches are available to download freely in the resource section.

Some example of completed researches

  1. Media Mapping of Far West Region (Province 7)
  2. Nepal Twitter Users Survey 2013, 2015 and 2017
  3. Press Freedom in Constitution of Nepal 2015
  4. Journalists and Social Media: A Study on Journalists’ Use of Social Media 2011.
  5. Country Partner for the International Sports Press Survey 2011 by Macromedia University of Applied Sciences / German Sports University for Play the Game 2011
  6. Grim Face of Newspaper: A Content Analysis of Daily Newspaper Frontpages to assess the level of negativity in news

Seminars / Focus Group Discussions

CMR – Nepal organizes regular discussions, seminars and focus group discussions on various topics related to media in Nepal. The front page of the website has brief news about all our seminars and discussions.

Some highlights of 2018

  • Media Literacy: Fighting Mis/Disinformation to Strengthen Democracy (September 14; with support from FES Nepal)
  • Privacy Bill, Criminal Codes, and their impact on journalism discussed (September 2; in partnership with the Associate Committee of the Federation of Nepali Journalists)
  • Digital Media in Press Laws (August 15; in partnership with the Nepal Press Union)

Some highlights of 2017

  1. Social Media, Youth and Political Participation (October 29; with support from FES-Nepal)
  2. Focus Group Discussions on Elections 2017 coverage on media

Earlier discussions

  1. Media Literacy in Nepal
  2. Media Ethics and Practices in Nepal
  3. Media Ethics Education in Academics


CMR-Nepal conducts training program to journalists in Nepal.

Some key trainings

  1. 2018: Mobile Reporting for Nepali Journalists (three-month blended-learning with support from Interlink Academy, Germany).
  2. 2017: Basic Digital Journalism (3-day intensive workshop for the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Kaski).
  3. 2011: Basic Journalism for Photojournalists (weeklong training for Photojournalists Club).


CMR-Nepal provides research fellowships to the media researchers. Here is more detail about the fellowship program.


In 2017, CMR-Nepal supported Sangrila Publications to publish “Nepalma Press Swotantrata” (Press Freedom in Nepal), by Dr Mahendra Bista.

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