CMR-Nepal fellowship laid the foundation of my career.
Sudeep Uprety
Research Fellow 2012-13

CMR-Nepal offers research fellowships to deserving candidates conducting research related to media. Since 2014, the CMR-Nepal is not calling application for the fellowships, but rather offering fellowships to interested researchers seeking fellowship.

Requests for consideration for fellowships are accepted on case to case basis. If you are interested to become fellow at the CMR-Nepal, please email your research project with your CV to cmrnepal@butmedia.org 

Fellowship benefits

  • Workspace equipped with a computer, internet and a small selection of media books at the Research Resource Center in CMR-Nepal office at Anamnagar, Kathmandu. Fellows are entitled to use the meeting space for conducting discussions.
  • Research support from CMR-Nepal staff and members. A lot of fellows and researchers coming to CMR-Nepal want guidance on review of literature, methodology, data collection and presentation.
  • Engagement in CMR-Nepal’s activities and researches.
  • And, opportunities of social networking with researchers, journalists and scholars.

CMR-Nepal’s Research Fellows

The CMR Research Fellow 2020-21

  1. Himesh Bajracharya (research topic: History and development of Nepal Bhasa journalism in Nepal)

The CMR Senior Fellow 2019-2024

  1. Ujjwal Acharya (research area: Internet, Freedom of Expression, Social Media and Media in Nepal)

The CMR Research Fellow 2017-18

  1. Advocate Bhakti Ram Ghimire (research topic: analysis of court verdicts on cases registered under ETA, Clause 47)

The CMR Senior Fellow 2015-16

  1. Binod Dhungel (research topic: Press Freedom Violations During Madhesh Movement)

The CMR Research Fellows 2013-14

  1. Umesh Pokhrel (research topic: relationship and information flow between journalists and security agencies)
  2. Kanchan Adhikari (research topic: comparative study of editorials of national dailies)
  3. Ganesh Paudel (research topic: journalists’ use of Wikipedia as research resouce)
  4. Bhuwan KC (senior fellow) (research topic: political inclination and affiliation of journalists; and it’s impact of news contents)

The CMR Research Fellows 2012-13

  1. Mukunda Nepal (research topic: social media’s role in mainstream media’s agenda setting)
  2. Sudeep Uprety (research topic: media discourse on security issues)
  3. Umesh Shrestha (research topic: audience response on online news)
  4. Rajneesh Bhandari (research topic: impact of mobile evolution on youth in Nepal)
  5. Prakash Acharya (senior fellow) (research topic: use of anonymous sources in Nepali newspapers)